What Do The Athletes Think?


Steve Aitken

“Having completed the Dubai 70.3 Iron Man in February, I said “never again”. 4 weeks later I signed up

for the KMD Copenhagen Full Iron Man, without a plan on how to step up to double the distance with

less than 6 months to the race, despite having a full time job, busy travel schedule and family at home.

1 coffee with coach Matt Dewhurst and the plan was in motion. Matt devised a program around my

busy schedule, using an fitness app to schedule, monitor and review progress based around the

Triathlon disciplines as well as spending time in the gym focusing on strength & conditioning work not

only for muscle development but injury prevention.

Matt is a committed coach with an passion for sport, training and coaching others. He is disciplined, and

hungry to get better. More importantly, he instils these same qualities in the athletes he coaches. Matt

gave me the confidence and reassured me, during those 6 months, that I will make it, despite some

confidence doubts from my side about my lack of distance sets in training during a busy travel periods.

His knowledge on training schedules, training sets and rest helped me conquer the full IM event, which I

thought was impossible at my stage in life.

Having never cycled 180Km and Ran a marathon, let alone together in 1 event, due to having several

injuries in years gone by, I managed to finish pain free and over an hour before my devised target time.

Crossing the line was a different experience than the 70.3, several months before. Same elation for the

effort and accomplishment but this time with the immediate thought of doing it all over again…..where I

will look forward to working with Matt going forward.

“It can be done….Its whether you want it enough, to get it done”…

Kamel Abdin

After years of being a regular teenager who did not do many sports in his free time, I decided to take up triathlon and try it out for fun with a couple of friends. I got hooked but still spent around 3 years doing it for the fun of it without reaching my full potential. Towards the end of those three years I started to plateau and the competitive side of me took over. I knew if I wanted to achieve something in this sport, I’d need a coach to help me out; so, I reached out to Matt.

I have only been working with Matt for a year now, but the improvements I have made have been significant. He is super dedicated as an athlete to his own training and that shows in his work ethic and how he works with the athletes he trains. Always pushing you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. He doesn’t give you the session to do and that’s it; he makes sure you’re doing it right and is always happy to help you with anything if needed. I’ve learnt a lot about the process through him. Matt’s ability to understand everybody’s lives outside of training was crucial for me to manage training at a high level while still studying for university. At any time, Matt can adapt to anything that comes up to make sure you are staying on track to achieve your goals. 

Given the circumstances this year, with all races being cancelled and demotivation settling in, Matt quickly made sure all of us stayed on track with training. Some hard group sessions online to keep us motivated and training, and personal support have helped immensely. If anything, most, if not all athletes came out of this fitter and stronger than they’ve ever been. Had one race this year so far but the difference in performance in just one year of training is unbelievable. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead! If you’re looking to up your performance and take training to the next level, I couldn’t recommend Matt enough.


Rob Wadsworth

I was never really attracted to work with a coach as I was never really interested in working with ‘numbers and stats’ and enjoyed the freedom of training hard and getting up in the morning and doing a session that I fancied.  However after making some good progress over a number of years I decided to give it a go but was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it and agreed with myself if it stopped me enjoying training I’d walk away.

Now having been working with a coach for over 6 months I can honestly say it has been great.  I have enjoyed working with numbers (HR/power) much more than I thought I would and have certainly appreciated the structure of sessions over the week and the flexibility around work/family etc.  I have learnt a lot about different types of training sessions and the importance of rest and recovery 

Significantly I have made good progress and have been motivated in sessions to try and achieve the outputs and have 100% enjoyed the process - just hope it will translates into race performances!

I can certainly appreciate that working with a coach isn’t for everyone, however I would suggest that if you are slightly interested but unsure too give it a go but be clear with the coach on what you want to achieve and how you like to train within your other commitments.


Gordon Barnard

If you are going to train for Triathalon racing you have to do it right...

I got into Triathlon via a friend, being 40+, low cardio experience, remembering swimming only when I was at school and just being able to make 25m in a pool I knew I had to find a trainer... 

Matt worked though the stages of development, knew how to push me enough to develop week after week and whilst appreciating those rest days, then being able to get back into the next week and get stronger...  

Today my swim has improved massively with a CSS getting closer to 1.35, bike flying past people in Al Qudra and being strong on a run (which is my worst of the 3, but with a speed and endurance increase that I am so proud of)...

But that is now, what about the future... As Matt says it is all about consistency, the right training at the right time... And having the right coach giving you that right guidance as in the end, it is always about beating that PR and succeeding and that is where the best advice pays off...